Written By John Bryant

“How to Unlock Massive Savings with Weatherization: The Ultimate Guide to Cutting Your Energy Bills in Half”

How weatherizing your home can save you thousands of dollars

🌿💰 I love saving money! The best thing about weatherization is we can simultaneously protect our wallet and preserve our planet. 💰🌿

So many people can save a lot of money by taking advantage of energy rebates. The Department of Energy has $8.8 billion in refunds for home electrification and energy upgrades. These rebates are accessible to everyone, but we must encourage our state governments to claim them. Upgrading your household appliances and energy systems could save you up to $14,000 through the Home Electrification and Appliance Rebates Program, specifically designed for low and moderate-income households. But federal rebates are also available for everyone else through the Home Efficiency Rebates Program. You can make your living space more environmentally friendly by installing rooftop solar panels, home battery storage, or geothermal heat, and reduce your energy consumption and utility bills.

How to Apply for Weatherization Assistance | Department of Energy

You can check if your state is claiming these rebates to get started. You can make a difference by advocating for them if they’re not. Contact your state government and guide them to the link to kickstart the process. Contractors can also benefit from these rebates with an additional $500 per project installation focused on zero-emission upgrades.

These rebates are putting money back into people’s pockets, from households to contractors.

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