Written By John Bryant

Under Siege for Speaking the Truth: The Alarming Reality of Threats Against Meteorologists Discussing Climate Change

I say shame on those who have participated in death threats against TV Meteorologists

In an era where information is more accessible than ever, it is deeply troubling to witness the growing trend of hostility and threats directed at those who dedicate their lives to educating and informing the public. The recent surge in threats against local meteorologists in the Midwest simply for discussing climate change is not just alarming—it is a call to action for all of us who value truth, science, and the safety of those who work tirelessly to bring us crucial information.

I spent 25 years on air as a Broadcast Meteorologist in the Arkansas, Tennessee, and Northern Mississippi market. This is one of the reasons I pivoted into serving as a Sustainability Consultant for businesses. I am passionate and love weather too much to leave the field of meteorology, so I became a Forensic Meteorologist. (More on what a Forensic Meteorologist does in tomorrow’s blog) I did not face death threats, but I did get pushback from the public, accusing me of being political. I wanted to create a dialogue and talk about science. I say good for you, my brethren in the industry.  WAY TO STAND UP!! It is not easy in some markets, but it is the right thing to do.

Local meteorologists are more than just weather forecasters; they are educators, scientists, and often, the bridge between complex meteorological phenomena and the public’s understanding. When they speak about climate change, they do so with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a deep sense of responsibility. They are not pushing a personal agenda but instead sharing facts critical for our understanding of the changing world around us.

It is essential to recognize that climate change is not a matter of opinion or debate—it is a reality backed by an overwhelming consensus in the scientific community. Meteorologists discussing these changes are doing their job: educating viewers about the current state of our planet and its potential future. They are the messengers of science, not its creators, and shooting the messenger has never been a productive way to deal with unwelcome news.

Moreover, research has shown that viewers want to hear about climate change from their local meteorologists. This trust is built on a relationship that spans daily interactions through storms and sunny days. When these trusted figures are threatened for simply conveying scientific facts, it is not just an attack on them but on the fabric of informed discourse and trust in science.

As a society, we must stand against this tide of hostility. We must support our local meteorologists and all scientists who brave the public eye to bring us the truth. Disagreements and discussions are the bedrock of scientific advancement and democracy, but threats and intimidation have no place in this process. Their silence is crucial for understanding and responding to the world’s most pressing issues.

To the meteorologists facing these threats, your work is invaluable. Your dedication to educating the public, even in the face of unwarranted and unjust hostility, is commendable and essential. You are not alone in this fight. A community of supporters, scientists, and informed citizens stands with you.

And to the public: let us remember the importance of fostering a culture where scientific facts are respected and where those who deliver these facts are safe. Let us engage in constructive, respectful dialogue and remember that our goal should be improving our community and planet.

The threats against meteorologists in the Midwest and elsewhere are more than just an issue for those directly affected; they are a symptom of a more significant problem in how we, as a society, deal with inconvenient truths. It is time to stand up for science, our planet, and those who work daily to keep us informed and safe. Let us work together to ensure that the pursuit of knowledge and the dissemination of truth are permanently protected for the betterment of our world and future generations.