Written By John Bryant

A fresh update today on El Nino and a Christmas Weekend Forecast.

El Nino will have a strong impact on US weather over the next several weeks

As we move closer to the heart of the winter season, El Niño, a dominant climatic phenomenon, is shaping our weather in unexpected ways. The Climate Prediction Center’s latest insights reveal a robust El Niño presence this winter. Here is what this means for various regions across the U.S. and look at the anticipated weather for Christmas!

El Niño’s Influence on Winter 2023:

El Niño, known for its warmer sea surface temperatures in the Pacific, is significantly influencing the 2023 winter weather. This oceanic event has far-reaching effects on U.S. weather patterns. The latest data indicates a rise in temperature anomalies, particularly in the Pacific’s central and eastern regions. But how does this translate to the weather in the United States?

U.S. Winter Weather Forecast for the next 3-4 weeks.

Warmer North: The Upper Midwest, Central Plains, and Great Lakes are set to experience above-average temperatures.

Cooler Southeast: Residents in the Southeast and Florida might experience cooler than usual temperatures.

Typical Coastal Weather: Expect near average winter temperatures in the Northeast and the southern West Coast.

Precipitation Trends:

Drier Midwest and MidSouth: These regions should prepare for below-average rainfall.

The West Coast should experience typical weather patterns for this time of year.

Now to the Christmas Weather Outlook 2023:

While it’s impossible to predict the exact weather for Christmas Day, the extended models provide some clues.

Rain and Snow in the West:

Showers are possible along the West Coast, with snow in the California mountains.

Rain in the Central U.S.:

Rain could be the dominant weather pattern from Iowa to Texas.

Mixed Weather on the East Coast: Some areas might see rain, but stay updated as forecasts evolve.

A few models show rainy weather (notably not snow), while others show dry weather for the Eastern Seaboard

The Strength and Impact of El Niño 2023:

According to the Climate Prediction Center,

“This year’s El Niño is shaping up to be one of the strongest, with a 54% chance of being historically significant. While this suggests more pronounced climate anomalies, their effects will vary across U.S. regions.”

Navigating the 2023 El Niño influenced winter requires staying informed with the latest weather updates. The Climate Prediction Center and NOAA offer continuous monitoring and forecasting.

To read more on this, check out the link below.

Climate Prediction Center (noaa.gov)