I am concerned about the Hurricane Season this year. Weather Patterns continue to shift rapidly.

NOAA has just issued its most aggressive hurricane season forecast on record. With predictions of an above average 2024 Atlantic hurricane season, it is time to prepare for a busy summer of tropical activity, which likely will last into Fall.

NOAA’s forecast is eye catching.

17 to 25 named storms

8 to 13 hurricanes

4 to 7 major hurricanes

These numbers signal a potentially intense season ahead. There is an 85% chance of an above average season, meaning all of us should remain alert, even if you don’t live in a Hurricane prone region.

Warm Waters and La Niña make the hurricane months, which begin in June and end in November, more likely to be accurate.

Two major factors will dictate the season. There are others, but these are the top two.

Warm waters make the ocean a buffet for storm development. The warmer the waters, the more energy available for storms to grow and intensify. A weakening El Niño is making way for La Niña, a climate pattern that favors more active hurricane seasons in the Atlantic.

Preparedness is critical.

It is not just about the number of storms; it is about preparing for the unexpected. It only takes one impactful storm to make the season feel active. If you remember Hurricane Andrew, it seemed like the season was highly active, but in reality, it was quiet.

Forget focusing solely on where a storm might hit. We must consider the broad impacts. This shift in perspective can be lifesaving, ensuring that we are prepared not just for the storm itself but all the challenges that come with it.

Whether this season turns out to be stormy or calm, which I believe is almost certain to be stormy, the key takeaway remains the same. Preparedness is our best defense.

Obviously we cannot control the weather, but we can control how we respond to it.